People are only just realising the difference between baking soda & baking powder & why you should NEVER switch them out | The Sun

IF you're an baking fan you may have small tubs of baking powder and baking soda and in the back of your kitchen cupboard. 

But did you realise they are two completely different things and one should never be swapped for the other?

It turns out many people believe the two ingredients are the same thing.

Baking fan Alice Kelly who goes by @fromscratchbaker online has recently shared a recent TikTok video explaining the difference between the two and it has left people stunned. 

She said: “Okay I can’t keep this a secret any longer. Baking soda and baking powder are not the same thing.”

Alice explained flatter bakes use baking soda because it starts to rise as soon as it mixes with a liquid.

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“Bicarbonate of soda rises instantly and that is why you need to put it into the ovens fast when it is mixed with liquid.”

“That's why people use it for pancakes and cookies. Things that don’t need to rise more than that.”

Baking powder on the other hand has a second rise when it comes into contact with heat. 

“Baking powder will rise twice. It will rise just like bicarbonate of soda but it will also rise when heat touches it. That's why it is better for cake.”

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So if you're using baking powder for cookies they could come out looking more like muffins and a cake made with baking soda might come out looking a little flat. 

Alice explains if you need baking powder you can mix cream of tartar with baking soda as an alternative.

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“If you don't have any baking powder and you need it you can mix cream of tartar with baking soda and it is the same. You need an acid, so sometimes lemon juice or white vinegar can help as well.”

Alice’s video gained over 578,000.

Many users admitted they had no idea baking soda and baking powder were not the same thing. 

One user said: “Thanks! That's new to me!”

Another said: “Thank you!! Always wondered what was the difference

A third viewer said: “Finally someone explains.”

Many users said they did know the difference and couldn't believe others didn’t. 


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Another said: “Idk where I heard this from but it stuck with me- Baking powder puffs and baking soda spreads.”

A third viewer said: “I can't believe people don't know this. It's what You learn from cooking at home or in school.”

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