People are only just realizing there's a hidden place you're meant to clean in your microwave – it gets really gross | The Sun

A CLEANING whizz has pointed her expert finger at an area of the kitchen that has escaped the scrubbing brush for far too long.

She said people were only just realizing there was a hidden place they are supposed to clean on a microwave.

But it's an area that can often be overlooked and become very gross.

The tip came courtesy of Cleaning Motivation with KB (@cleaningvideos303).

The woman's TikTok account is dedicated to “cleaning videos [and] easy-to-share cleaning hacks."

There is clearly an appetite for her content, as she has built up a following of over 165,000 and 7.4million likes.

In her post, she made light of this much-neglected area of the kitchen.

“I was today years old when I found out you’re supposed to clean the vents under your microwave," she said.

Then asked: “Did you know you were supposed to clean the vents?"

The news was a surprise to many, with one commenter asking with genuine amazement: “My microwave has vents?”

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She proceeded to demonstrate what householders should do.

The microwave was carefully tipped onto its side to allow easy access to the vents.

These were slid out and then placed into the sink for the cleaning to begin.

“They were so gross," she said.

She then sprayed the dirty vents with a kitchen cleaner and gave them a thorough scrub with a brush. Finally, they were rinsed off.

Once the grime was removed, they looked completely different and as good as new.

Satisfied they were dry, they were then slotted back into position: “Looks so much better," she wrote.

There was a lot of interest in her post with over 15,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

Many commenters were surprised vents needed to be cleaned at all.

“I learn more on TikTok than I did in school,” was the response of one fan.

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Another was equally dumbfounded: “Wait. What? This is probably why I go through so many microwaves then.”

Yet another commenter had their own solution: “I throw mine in the dishwasher. Works amazingly," they said.

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