People have just found out which colour underwear looks best under white trousers – and they're stunned | The Sun

FASHION fans have been left shocked after a woman revealed which colour undies will look the best when wearing white trousers.

While an all-white outfit may look incredibly chic and polished, it's essential to find the right underwear that won't peek through and ruin the look.

However, despite many of us opting for either cream or skin tone undies, a new trend on social media has suggested there may be an even better solution – bright red.

The must-know fashion hack was first shared on TikTok by one savvy style lover, Taylor Donoghue (@taylordonoghuee).

Taylor said: “If you’re ever wearing white clothing and you don’t know what undergarments to wear that won’t show… Red!” she explained.

The theory was then put to test by the team from Leze the Label, founded by entrepreneurs Tanya and Karen, who were stunned by the discovery.

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 “What the f**k?!” one of them couldn't believe their eyes in the clip.

To prove they were indeed rocking red undies under the white bottoms, the woman bent over and showed a sneak peek of the garments.

“Oh, she’s right!” she said to the camera.

Amazed by the news, the pair went on in the caption: “@Taylordonoghuee consider us SHOOKETH.”

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It's not just the team who were in total disbelief – fellow TikTok users were equally stunned.

One said: ''Red would have been the last color I would have thought of with white!''


Another chimed in: ''I TRIED to tell my mama this but she INSISTS on wearing a white bra under her white shirts, it's the WORST.''

''Red or black! Thats what stylists says [sic],'' someone else penned.

''Why has no one ever told me this,'' fashion fan wanted to know.

''how am I in my 30s and only finding this out now?! I feel like my female friends and family have been lying to me,'' a social media fan commented.

Since sharing the information line, the clip has been liked close to a whopping 10million views and the pair of even called themselves as ''underwear detectives'' on their profile.

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