Princess Charlene can wear white to meet the Pope – but UK Royal Family are not allowed

Princess Charlene 'not forgiven' for wedding faux pas says expert

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Princess Charlene of Monaco, 44, wore a custom-made black Terrence Bray dress to visit Pope Francis on Wednesday. However, the Princess is one of only seven women permitted to wear the colour white while meeting the Pope. Princess Charlene and Prince Albert of Monaco travelled to the Vatican for a private meeting with Pope Francis.

Charlene’s black ensemble did follow a precedent, as everyone from Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, Melania Trump and Jill Biden have worn black to meet the Pope.

However, it was a break from her outfit choices during past visits.

On Wednesday, Princess Charlene wore a black dress by Terrence Bray with a bateau neckline and a rosary bead necklace.

She paired these with a black lace veil, called a mantilla, for the occasion.

Charlene also wore a pair of Louis Vuitton nude heels.

However, in the past, Princess Charlene has opted to wear white clothing for her meetings with the Pope.

In fact, she’s one of just seven women given “the privilege of the white”.

Called “le privil ge du blanc” in French or “il privilegio del biacno” in Italian, the special tradition is extended solely to designated Catholic Queen’s and Princesses.

It is usually reserved for important events at the Vatican — such as private audiences, canonisations, beatifications and special masses.

The small group of women who have the privilege of the white includes Queen Sofia of Spain, Queen Paola of Belgium, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg, Queen Mathilde of Belgium, Queen Letizia of Spain, Princess Marina of Naples and Charlene, Princess of Monaco.

The British Royal Family are not allowed to wear white to meet the Pope, as the Queen is the head of the Protestant Church of England.

Princess Charlene wore white to two previous meetings at the Vatican, during an audience with Pope Benedict XVI in 2013 and with Pope Francis previously in 2016.

But the Princess did wear black at the Inauguration Mass of Pope Francis in St. Peter’s Square in 2013.

The Monegasque royals have regularly visited Vatican City.

Prince Albert’s parents, Prince Rainier III and Grace Kelly were received by Pope Pius XII in 1957, Pope John XXIII in 1959 and Pope Paul VI in 1974.

In 2005, Prince Albert’s first public appearance as sovereign outside Monaco was his attendance at the funeral of Pope John Paul II.

On Wednesday, the royal couple met with the leader of the Catholic church in the Apostolic Library.

During their 25-minute visit, they exchanged gifts.

Pope Francis presented the pair with a bronze depiction of a child helping another child get up from the ground with the words “love” and “help” etched on the figures’ sides.

Prince Albert gifted the Pope with an artistic sketch of the Chapel of St. John the Baptist, located in the Royal Palace of Monaco.

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