Proud mum shows off 'lazy' kids' dinner that costs just 84p per portion but trolls say it should be ‘illegal' | The Sun

A PROUD mum has shown off a typical ‘lazy’ dinner that she makes for her kids, leaving many open-mouthed.

While the woman explained that some days her children will eat extremely delicious and nutritious meals, other days she gives them something that’s easier to throw together.

Taking to TikTok to show off the quick and simple dinner, Jamie Rose (@savvyjamie) shared her clip with the caption ‘Some days my kids eat fish fingers and chips, other days they eat bean casserole – it’s all about balance.’

In the clip, the mother showed off the quick dinner – fish fingers, curly fries, baked beans, peas and sweetcorn.

Jamie noted: “Lazy parent’s dinner for kids that costs just 84p per portion.”

For this meal, Jamie used five items, bought from the freezer aisle in Tesco.

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The items were all own-brand or cheap brands, which enabled her to keep the costs low.

The meal consisted of three Hearty Food Co fish fingers, which are 75p a box, working out at just 25p per portion.

There was also a handful of Tesco’s own-brand of curly fries, which are £2.20 a bag, working out at only 36p per portion.

To accompany the fish fingers and fries, Jamie included a spoonful of Stockwell baked beans, which cost only 27p a tin, working out at only 9p per portion.

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Not only this, but she also gave her little ones Grower’s Harvest garden peas too, which are 55p a bag and a mere 4p per portion.

Finally, she also included a small amount of sweetcorn, which worked out at 10p per portion.

Jamie showed off her cheap meal, costing just 84p per portion, as she revealed: “And voilà.” 

Jamie’s clip has quickly amassed 8,737 views, 663 likes and 25 comments.

But social media users were left divided at the cheap meal – while some revealed that they would love such a dinner, others weren’t so keen. 

One person said: “Nothing wrong with a fish finger dinner. I love a fish finger sandwich.” 

Another added: “Fish fingers rock!” 

A third commented: “That's a great dinner.” 

However, not everyone was as impressed.

One user claimed: “Beans, peas and sweetcorn, that’s illegal” to which Jamie responded “Gotta get their 5 a day somehow!” 

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Someone else chimed in: “Not gonna lie if there wasn’t sweetcorn it’d be banging.” 

A third posted: “The sweetcorn and beans touching.”

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