Sofia Richie shares her ‘lazy girl’ hairstyle – fans say it’s chic but she insists she has a really easy technique | The Sun

SOFIA Richie has revealed her step-by-step process to achieve her go-to hairstyle.

She said it's such a simple hairdo, she's shocked that her fans find the look so chic.

Sofia Richie Grainge (@sofiarichiegrainge) filmed herself doing her hair in a video on TikTok.

"Alright guys I just got out of the shower and I figure what a perfect opportunity to finally teach slash show you guys how I do my sleek bun.

"First I want to start off by saying I really love you guys for thinking this is like my chic hairstyle this is actually my lazy girl hairstyle.

"I do it all the time because I'm very lazy with my hair over just the years of doing it I've gotten really good and I have a really easy technique so I figured I’ll show you.

"So to start we have wet hair. I’m just going to throw in some detangling spray on wet hair. So my first step is getting a strong center part," Sofia said.

After detangling her hair and parting it down the middle, she said she can use any hair oil, lotion, and a regenerating mask.

"I honestly take it through my entire hair," she said of the products.

She then put her hair in a ponytail and wrapped around into a bun, finishing with more hair oil.

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"Sleek lazy girl bun," she added of the look.

The video drew in many fans who weighed in on the sleek hairstyle.

"Sleek bun for a sleek hun," one wrote.

"When the detangling spray came out, it’s no longer lazy," another added.

"Yes," a third commented. "Give us all the hair tutorials."

"Definitely going to try this out," yet another wrote.

"My new favorite hairstyle," one more fan chimed in of the sleek hairstyle.

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