The hard-working staff quickly became the heroes of the show, which ran from 1998 to 2006, but what are they up to now?

What was the TV show Airline about?

The popular TV show ran on ITV for eight years and followed easyJet staff across the country.

Each episode lasted for 22 minutes and documented dramas that unfolded after missed flights, cancellations, police operations, illnesses and even the odd wedding.

It was a huge hit, raking in millions of viewers each episode, over the ten seasons.

To celebrate it being 20 years since the show aired, popular staff check-in trouble-shooter Jane Boulton, check-in assistant Katrina Leeder and supervisor Leo Jones are to reunite.

What are the stars of Airline doing now?

Leo Jones

With his calm approach, supervisor Leo Jones was the hero we didn’t deserve.

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He quickly became a fan favourite for the patient way he handled aggressive customers, and it seems his hard work has more than paid off.

Leo remained at easyJet until March 2018, and ended up being promoted to a regional manager.

The dad-of-two, who has sons Hugo and Zac, can be found sharing pictures and tweeting at @jones_leo.

Jane Boulton

Trouble-shooter Jane Boulton, 47, certainly had to put up with some angry passengers in her time on the show.

After working at Luton, Jane moved to Heathrow, then Belfast and then Gatwick, before quitting the industry in 2014.

She is now a childminder and runs her own business called Party Paradise UK, which provides entertainment and cake for kids’ parties.

Since the show finished, she is now married– and goes by Mrs Lee – with three kids of her own and said she still gets recognised in the street.

Despite the show stopping in 2006, Helen said she regularly touches base with Leo and Katrina.

Katrina Leeder

Check-in staff member Katrina Leeder was many customers’ first point of call when they came to the airport.

And her problem-solving manner gained her a legion of fans in the process.

Katrina has fought life threatening cancer on seven occasions within a 22-year battle, with her last bout being in May 2013.

She has lost a kidney, her spleen, part of a lung, part of her diaphragm, half her stomach, her gallbladder and 70 per cent of her liver, but has never given up.

Katrina has said her focus for fighting are her two twin daughters, Freya and Clarissa.

Katrina has been working with Cancer Research UK as the face of Helen É Cosmetics which donate 25p from every website order received to the charity.

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