Student boasts she’s charging her ‘cheating’ ex £200 a week to SPEAK to her & will ‘cut all ties’ when she’s rich

A VENGEFUL student is charging her ex-boyfriend £200 PER WEEK to stay in touch with her as he attempts to beg forgiveness for using Tinder to message other women on her birthday.

Haley Pierce claims she found flirty messages on his old Tinder profile earlier this month that he had sent while she lay sleeping next to him in a hotel.

The 20-year-old ended their turbulent two-year relationship immediately but filmed her bloke as he broke down and begged for her to stay with him.

She later shared footage that has been viewed more than 4.4million times on social media of him squealing "please", before admitting he was on Tinder and calling himself "such a f**king idiot".

Haley, from Kansas City, Missouri, said: "When I told him we were done, he started freaking out and that's why I started recording it. He was hysterical and saying so much crazy stuff.

"I have no sympathy for him in that video. I was just feeling angry. It was trying to manipulate me.

"I recorded it so I could show everyone what he's done and that he's not the perfect guy everyone thinks he is.

"Out of nowhere I got this gut feeling about something and I asked him to tell me what he's done. He told me he'd added someone on Snapchat so then I asked to log into his Tinder on my phone."

The scorned student shared her shamed ex's Tinder profile, which featured photos she claims she took of him, and declared he was 6ft 5in, which she says is not his height.

She even exposed his opening message of "hey! You're so cute I forgot my pick-up line" sent to a match on her birthday in June.

Haley blocked her ex-partner that night and she's since bragged she charges him $300 (£218) a week on money transfer app CashApp, which allows him to send notes with the payment – the only way she would let him speak to her.

"When I looked I saw all the messages he'd been sending and that he even was sending girls messages on my birthday," she said.


"I blocked him on everything. The next day he bought me cheap flowers, chocolate and a stuffed animal I already had, but it didn't work.

"He called me from his brother's phone and said 'I'll give you all my money', so I told him to send me $300 and I'll have a talk with him, so he did.

"Now he's paying me that much per week just to stay in contact with him. At first I only allowed him to speak to me through CashApp but then he offered to start buying me food."

The jobless student said she's going to "use him" to buy her meals and take her out until she's able to support herself now she's moved out of his parent's house and back in with hers.

"I don't have a good source of income at the moment, so honestly I'm just using him to buy me food. A couple of days ago he took me to the mall and he spent another $300," Haley explained.

"We used to cook at home, but he's been buying me every meal. He's trying to get back to me by paying me, but I've already told him the second I don't need him anymore I'm done.

"It's been hard to leave but at this point I don't even care. How much of a scumbag do you have to be to cheat on your girlfriend of two years?

"I'm going to carry this on until I get a steady income. Like if I get a job or I'm able to be an influencer on TikTk. That's when I'll cut off all ties."

Haley and her ex-partner met in high school and have been off-and-on for two years, with Haley claiming she caught him on Tinder in late February but got back with him in April.

However, the 20-year-old, who is taking a year out from studying Psychology at University of Missouri, insists she's learned her lesson and won't be giving her strayed lover another chance.

In another viral clip she shared, the remorseful cheater can be seen sobbing as he says "you're my whole world" and "I can't live without you", yet Haley plainly claims she "doesn't care" and that he lied about not having Tinder.

Her videos documenting the saga have racked up more than 4.4million views, with many praising her for showing no emotion.

"[When you say] 'I don't care' is my favourite part of this video. You go queen," one person commented.

"I love you recorded all this. I'm dying," said another.

A third person added: "Yes, no emotions. I like that."

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