Susan Fang RTW Fall 2021
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Susan Fang’s fall 2021 collection “Air-Time,” based on Carlo Rovelli’s book “The Order of Time,” aims to explain how time does not exist in the way we imagine. That result is a look book that includes enchanting images developed by a photography method from the 1850s and Fang’s documentation of the exposure process with her phone.

The look: Fairy living in the forest.

Quote of note: “Our perception of time comes from our subjective view of the world, it is a core part of what gave us our identity as humans.”

Susan Fang RTW Fall 2021

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Key looks: Dresses made with a new sustainable textile innovation by Fang called “Air-Ribbon,” a zero waste-making process that creates tiny balloon-type surface textures in colored tulle and ribbon. Beaded headpieces that resemble splashes of water frozen in time, floating in midair. A new precious metal accessory range features word engravings on lotus flowers and leaves.

The takeaway: While the brand has made a name for itself with those shiny beaded bags, Fang continues to push the brand’s visual narrative in experimental ways.

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