The $1.20 Face Masks Angelina Jolie and Sarah Jessica Parker Love Are Finally Restocked

If you thought you could maybe hold off on buying more face masks, you thought wrong. It looks like we'll be masking up for some time, which would explain why the notoriously impossible to keep in stock Evolvetogether went from being readily available to sold-out all over again. So at least that's some good news.

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As the pandemic progressed, Evolvetogether stood out as a celebrity face mask favorite. Emily Ratajkowski wore them to dinner in New York City. Bella Hadid wore them backstage at photoshoots. Sarah Jessica Parker wore them just about everywhere, often with sparkly accessories. And whenever Angelina Jolie was spotted, she was wearing one too. Over one million people pre-ordered the masks, and most recently, 750,000 signed up to be notified of a KN95 restock (that has since sold out). 

Evolvetogether face masks might just break the record for most affordable celebrity-approved accessory of all time, at just $1.20 per mask. You can buy a pack of 7 for $9, or a pack of 30 for $36. At the moment, they come in six different colors from Khaki to Amazonian Green. And they've been impossible to get your hands on, but thankfully after another sell-out earlier this summer, they're finally back. Obviously, this won't last long. 

The face masks are popular because they're just about as chic as you can possibly get for a face mask while still being extremely comfortable, and happen to be adjustable, too. Not to mention they also have superior filtration, and are completely recyclable. They truly are the perfect face mask, and will absolutely be an It accessory for the next couple of months (let's hope it's not years). 

Also, considering the KN95 Evolvetogether face masks sold out over the weekend, and some of the brand's OG mask packs are currently sold out, it would be wise to act fast on what's still available. Especially considering Sarah Jessica Parker and Angelina Jolie show no stopping in their Evolvetogether sightings. 

Shop the best Evolvetogether packs still in stock, below. 

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