The guy I was dating shared a photo of new 'forever' woman on Facebook- so I savagely exposed him to everyone he knows

IN the digital world, you don't get a bigger public display of affection than going Facebook "official" with your new partner.

So when this bloke shared a photo of his new "forever" woman, he was expecting to be inundated with lovely messages from his nearest and dearest.

But that wasn't what the OTHER woman he'd been dating had in mind.

In a viral video that's racked up over 1.5m views, TikToker Ashleigh explained how she'd been seeing a new guy for around four weeks.

She explained: "I'd be spending time with this guy until we had lunch about four days ago and he let me know he had work orders out of state.

"And I really wasn't interested enough to even entertain the thought of a long-distance relationship."


After he let Ashleigh know the news over lunch, the bloke sent her a text saying how much he had wanted to kiss her because she "looked so freaking good".

As she wasn't interested that in continuing the relationship, Ashleigh didn't reply to his message.

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But four days later, she was left absolutely fuming when the bloke posted a picture of him with a different woman and captioned it "forever".

Instead of letting it slide, Ashleigh thought she'd call him up on it and commented "funny" before sharing a screenshot of his texts.

She explained: "I'm not saying this s*** because I want to.

"I'm saying it because when you're a dirtbag, people NEED to know."

And Ashleigh didn't stop there – she then tagged the woman and wrote: "I guess forever started after Monday."

Unsurprisingly, viewers were BIG fans of Ashleigh's savage response.

One replied: "You utter queen."

"I love it," another added. "Please ladies, don't ever stop blasting dirtbags on the internet."

"You are doing the Lord's work madam," a third said.

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