Tinder idiot tells woman ‘Christ, you’re ugly’ in savage messages after accidentally matching with her

A WOMAN has shared the savage messages she received from a bloke on Tinder after he “accidentally” swiped right.

TikTok user The Eedster shared a screenshot of the messages he sent her after matching with her on the dating app.

The man wrote: “Christ ur ugly.

“Totally didn’t mean to match with you, my bad.”

Luckily the woman appeared to see the funny side, laughing as she lipsyncs along to a love song.

Captioning the video, she joked: “Sorry ladies he’s all mine.”

Her clip has since received over 325,000 likes and thousands of comments from fellow singletons slamming the “idiot.”

One joked: “I guess chivalry isn’t dead after all.”

“He literally could have just unmatched you but nope he woke up and chose violence” pointed out another.

A third added: “YOU’RE SO CUTE, HIS LOSS”

Others urged the woman to expose the bloke so that other ladies can avoid him at all costs.

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