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WHILE you might need to make some adjustments, getting older doesn't have to mean giving up on sex.

From missionary to sit and straddle, here we take a look at the best sex positions for older people.


This classic sex position works just as well at any age – and with a few adjustments, it’s easy to make it a little more accessible too.

This position traditionally has the male partner on top and the female on the bottom, although if age-related aches and pains tend to affect one partner more than the other, then the more mobile of the two should probably take the reins.

To get into this position one partner will lie on their back, and the other will climb on top and while facing them and will begin to thrust.

To make sure the position is comfortable for both partners, you can try assisted missionary.

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This is basically your classic missionary position, but the person on the bottom uses pillows to raise their pelvis higher.

This is the perfect variation for anyone who suffers from back pain, or any other aching muscles.


“One of the best sex positions for aging is anything that takes weight and pressure off the joints,” says sexpert Kayla Lords – and the spooning position does just that.

This position consists of two people snuggling up as close as possible while facing the same direction.

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It's similar to doggy style, except you're both lying on your sides and cuddling.

This position has no pressure on the knees and requires minimal movement.

Again, you can place pillows around you to make sure you are fully supported.

Doggy Style

Doggy style is when the penetrating partner enters the receptive partner from behind – and it can be adapted to lessen the pressure and agility needed to perform it. 

This sex position is often performed kneeling, but it can also be done standing – it's important to try what works best for both you and your partner.

You can also add a pillow under the hips of the receiver for more comfort and support.


One sex position that never goes out of style is the cowgirl.

In cowgirl, the penetrating partner lies on their back while the other person faces them and straddles them on top.

You can also practice this position in a way that provides more support – give yourself extra stability by resting your hands on the legs of your partner as they lie underneath you.

The penetrating partner can also lift their knees to effectively create a ‘seat’ for the receiving partner, or hold on to their lower back to support their movements.

Similarly, here we explain a variation on this position – the reverse cowgirl.


The side-by-side sex position is simply a variation of the spooning position – except you're facing each other.

This position allows time to rest on your side without any added pressure.

Sit and Straddle

As the name suggests, the sit and straddle is a seated sex position.

For this position, the giving partner stays seated in a chair, and the receiving partner straddles their lap.

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This is a great position to try as it requires very little movement while providing extra intimacy with your partner.

For extra support use pillows.

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