What does "STG" mean?

THE 21st century has welcomed a technological boom, and with our phones and tech has come a new wave of textspeak.

Abbreviations and slang have become the new normal in cyber-conversations, with tech-savvy millennials and Gen Zers able to decipher the terms with ease; however, not everyone is as fluent in the new form of online communication that is emerging.

What does stg mean?

STG is an abbreviation of the phrase "swear to God" and acts as an expression of immense frustration or intense belief.

The term can also be used as an exaggeration to emphasise the speaker/sender's emotions.

For example: "I stg he is so rude"; in this instance, the speaker uses STG to passionately display their disgust.

Another example: "I saw Harry Styles shopping in Brixton the other day, I stg" depicts that the speaker intensely believes they saw Harry Styles.

Where did stg come from?

The term originated from Old English as a display of religious belief and devotion.

Swearing to God was seen as a sincere "Oath" to God regarding a situation/

Although Textspeak can often be bothersome to decipher and adapt to, some countries are not even afforded the small luxury of being able to use it.

In North Korea, using abbreviated terms that are popular in the democratic South is punishable with a trip to the gulag.

Authorities in the state-run by madcap Kim Jong Un will be inspecting citizens phones to curb the "perverted 'puppet language' and 'puppet style' that is widespread in our society.".


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