What you order on your pizza says a lot about your personality – and why pineapple is good news | The Sun

WHAT you order on your pizza can say a lot about your personality.

Turns out, it takes a special kind of person to enjoy pineapple on the popular Italian dish.

"Your pizza toppings reveal more than just your food choices," per Hungry Howies.

"Pizza toppings are deeply tied in with your personality traits and show a side of you that you might not even be aware of."

If you like the sweet and savory combination of Hawaiian pizza or pineapple and ham, it means you have a laid-back attitude toward life.

Hawaiian pizza lovers are said to be those who are not easily distracted by stress or tension, according to Little Things.

You're confident in your own skin, and your friends and relatives are likely to appreciate your eccentric sense of humor and distinct personality.

And it's not just pizza toppings.

Medical Daily reports that "eating preferences [in general] can be a doorway to your personality."

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Not to mention, pineapple on pizza actually comes with a great deal of health benefits.

As a fruit, pineapple is high in vitamin C, potassium and fiber.

These nutrients and antioxidants work together to help your body's enzymes battle inflammation, improve immunity, as well as aid digestion.

According to Dominos, "Doubling as a fruit AND pizza topping, pineapple on pizza means you can enjoy a slice of your favourite treat, guilt free!"

Some people like to eat their pizza with just cheese and sauce, without any other toppings.

If you favor plain, you're thought to be a firm believer in sticking to one's guns.

It's not that you're predictable, but you are dependable—which definitely isn't a bad thing.

A preference for plain also suggests that you may be worrying a little too much and should focus more on venturing out of your comfort zone.

For those who enjoy the highly popular pepperoni topping, you likely care profoundly about your loved ones.

You strive for a simple, drama-free life, even if it doesn't always work out that way—and your friends and family flock to you because of it.

Pepperoni lovers also come equipped with a great sense of humor, and they're not afraid to show it.

Another popular pizza topping is sausage and peppers, which Little Things refers to as yin and yang due to their perfect balance.

Like the toppings, lovers strive to live a balanced lifestyle, juggling their personal and professional lives flawlessly.

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Unlike some of their coworkers, sausage and pepper lovers are open to criticism and fresh ideas.

They're also likely to be the go-to person when it comes to giving advice to friends and family.

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