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TIGGY LEGGE-BOURKE has been a huge part of the childhood of some of the sons of the Royal Family.

She was the nanny of both Prince William and Prince Harry.

Who is Tiggy Legge-Bourke?

Alexandra 'Tiggy' Legge-Bourke is the former nanny of Princes William and Harry who looked after them from 1993 to 1999, very important years in their lives following their mother Diana's death in 1997.

She went by the surname of Pettifer after she got married to Charles Pettifer in 1999.

She is the daughter of William Legge-Bourke, former Deputy Lieutenant of Powys.

She grew up on the Glanusk Estate in Powys, Wales and was educated at Heathfield School in Ascot.

Tiggy set up her own nursery school in Battersea called Mrs Tiggywinkle's after taking a nursery teacher training course following completion of her education at Institut Alpin Videmanette, Switzerland, a finishing school also attended by Princess Diana.

What's her relationship to the Royal Family?

Tiggy is very close to both of the princes, after being appointed as the royal nanny in 1993, following Charles' separation from Diana.

She had a controversial stint as a nanny, and often made headlines where tension between her and Princess Diana was apparent, with Legge-Bourke once referring to Harry and William as 'my babies'.

The nanny often went on holidays abroad with the princes, and William once asked her to attend his July 4 celebrations at Eton School in place of his parents!

The princes' adoration of Tiggy has often saved her reputation, and they remain close to this day, with Harry recently introducing Tiggy to Meghan during a trip to Cardiff.



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What happened with Tiggy and Martin Bashir?

BBC journalist Martin Bashir made false claims to Princess Diana saying the her husband was "in love" with their children's nanny, to secure the 1995 Panorama Interview.

He also suggested that Prince Charles and Legge-Bourke had flown away for a two-week getaway together.

A probe now also found that Bashir used fake documents to gain access to Princess Diana.

The BBC will not be paying the damages to Legge-Bourke who solicitor, Louise Prince said that such false claims caused "serious personal consequences."

Prince said that the claims included "the very serious and totally unfounded allegations that the claimant was having an affair with HRH Prince of Wales."

She added: "It is likely that these false and malicious allegations arose as a result and in the contect of BBC Panorama's efforts to procure an exclusive interview with Diana, Princess of Wales."

Ms Prince confirmed that Legge-Bourke was "relieved that the BBC accepts that the allegations are completely untrue and without any foundation whatsoever."

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