Woman shares easy whisk hack which has cooking fans floored, but not everyone’s a fan

THOUGHT a whisk was just for whisking? Think again.

A video doing the rounds on TikTok has floored cooking fans as it revealed one super clever way you can use a whisk to measure out ingredients instead of using up your cups and spoons. Who knew?

Shared by TikTok user @shessunday, the clip has been watched over 3.5million times and shows how easy it is to transfer flour from a packet or container into a bowl using just a whisk.

Simply wedge the whisk into the flour and then move over to the bowl, giving it a shake to release.

Seems oh-so simple, but there were so many who had never seen the hack before and were left shocked.

One person commented: "At this point, I'm not even sure I'm breathing correctly or not."

Another posted: "Wait what!!! I could have saved myself washing all the damn spoons!"

One more joked: "Getting out the whisk now," as a fourth person vouched for the hack and revealed: "Made my life super simple."

One viewer was left baffled by the trick and said: "This hurts my brain. Why does it not fall out of the sides."

Not everyone was a fan, however, with some cooking fanatics revealing the whisk hack was nothing new to them.

They said: "Only people who don't bake and cook would think this is a hack…"

Others questioned how reliable the measurements would be using the quick and easy method.

"How much flour is that? It matters," said one person, while another agreed: "It's the unaccuracy of the measurement for me (sic)."

"I have one question how are you [supposed] to know how much you are [putting] in? But great vid," said a third, while another teased: "My shaking hands could never."

One more critic said: "Am I the only one who watched this 3 times through not realising what the hack was?"

Clued up or not, it's definitely one to try out when getting your bake on.

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