Woman shares genius hack to stop your baseball cap getting sweat and make-up stains on it – for just 2p | The Sun

A WOMAN has been praised after sharing a genius 2p hack to stop you getting sweat marks on your baseball cap.

A cap is part of Rachel's daily wardrobe, but dealing with the inner band of the hat getting sweaty and covered in make-up wasn't ideal.

So she came up with a clever way of stopping that from happening, and it doesn't break the bank either.

Rachel demonstrated in a video on her TikTok page, as she took a pantyliner, unwrapped it and stuck it on the inside of the hat.

She then put the cap on, to show that the liner was entirely invisible from the outside.

"One of the best fashion hacks lol," Rachel captioned her video, as she also wrote over the top, "Anyone else do this?"

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And the comments section was almost immediately filled with people thanking her for the ingenious hack.

"I should try this because every time my hats when it’s super hot I get acne on my forehead because of the sweat," one person wrote.

"I am totally gonna start doing that cause I’ve noticed I’ve been getting sweat stains in mine and it p**ses me off lol," another added.

As a third said: "This.is.genius".

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"I think you just solved all my problems," someone else commented.

"Omg!!! Thank you," another praised.

"Very smart," someone else said.

Others pointed out that the hack could also be applied to beanie hats, or even helmets.

But not everyone was on board with the idea.

"Do ppl not take their hat on and off thru the day…?" one asked.

"Cuz like every1 would see a PAD in my hat?"

As another wrote: "Knowing my luck, I’d find a way to put the adhesive side the wrong way and end up with a sanitary liner stuck to my forehead and not even notice."

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"with my luck, the panty liner will fall right out when I take my hat off," a third added.

However, given that a pack of 50 Superdrug pantyliners is just £1.09 – making them 2p each – the trick is undoubtedly worth trying.

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