You could be the champion if you can find all 10 romantic films in this brain-teaser in under two minutes | The Sun

WITH Valentine's Day right around the corner you might be busy preparing for the perfect night in with your partner.

Or maybe you're ditching Valentine's Day to celebrate Galantine's instead with your mates, but no matter what's on the agenda there's always time for a classic romantic film.

From Bridget Jones's Diary to Notting Hill, a good loved-up film will have you swooning.

But how well do you know your romantic flicks?

There are 10 hidden films in this clever brain-teaser, but you'll have to work hard to figure out what they are.

Created by the search marketing agency Reflect Digital just in time for Valentine's Day, you could be the champion if you can name all 10 films.


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So, take five minutes out of your day, grab some chocolates have a cuppa or a glass of red, and test your romantic films knowledge.

CEO & Founder of Reflect Digital, Becky Simms, said: “We love to bring in fun at Reflect, and we think that gamifying things is the perfect way to do it. 

"With this Valentine’s Day brainteaser, we want to give readers something to challenge their brains whilst they have their morning coffee or lunchtime break. 

"The current standing record is two minutes 30 seconds – so we’re super interested to see if anyone can beat that!"

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Need some help?

At the bottom right corner of the image is a picture of Shakespeare and he's got something on his mind, you could say he's…

Confidence and Animosity is another way to phrase this classic film which was originally a book by Jane Austen.

There's a flag from the county which shares a name with a famous romantic musical in the top right corner as well.

Did you find them all? Check your answers and see how many you could name.

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