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A PROPERTY expert has revealed the five 'easy adjustments' you can make to stop condensation and mould in your home.

Many of us are struggling with condensation now the weather has dropped – but a few simple changes could help banish it.

James Berry, Deputy Chief Executive of the Property Care Association, revealed there were some simple and free tricks to help keep your home moisture free.

Speaking to Landlord Today, he said: "Issues with condensation and mould are usually more apparent in winter as the external air temperature is low.

“Mould is often the first indication that there is an issue with high humidity but condensation can present itself as water running down internal surfaces, leading to staining, peeling decoration and rot.

A simple fix is to turn the heating on – but many of us would prefer to avoid rising energy bills.



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That said, James revealed five simple steps which cost no money.


We all love submerging into a hot bath when it gets colder – but the way you run it could make all the difference in banishing condensation.

Running cold water in the bath before hot can reduce steam by 90% preventing excess moisture in the air.

For showers, the home expert recommend opening the bathroom window and keeping the door shut until the steam has gone.

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Nothing beats a hot bath in the winter – but you might want to run it differentlyCredit: Getty

Drying Clothes

With so many of us trying to save money, it's common practice to dry clothes indoors with an airing rack.

However, if possible, try to get them outside when it is dry to prevent the moisture of the clothes from sticking to windows.


Opening the windows in winter might be the last thing you want to do, however, it can make all the difference.

When possible, keep them open to allow any excess moisture in the home to escape and prevent mould buildup.


It can be useful to use a vacuum and dust out window vents to make sure they are working properly to allow for better air circulation.


There's no getting out of cooking – but with a simple adjustment you could prevent condensation and mould in the kitchen.

James suggested putting lids on pans and turning the heat down once the water has boiled.

Not only will this save energy but it reduces water getting into the atmosphere.

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