Ageless beauty Jenny Powell credits nana naps for her youthful appearance

Former Loose Women star Jenny Powell has revealed she was once been dubbed "Benjamin Button" – the character who becomes younger as time goes on.

However, Jenny reckons her youthful exterior is nothing miraculous and is completely down to a combination of yoga, genetics, eating well as well as catching a good amount of sleep which she calls "nana naps".

The age-defying British television legend who is now, 52, often shares snaps with fans on social media, which see her show off her gym-honed body.

It's no wonder that the former game show presenter has been told on a number of occasions that she looks like her daughter's sister.

Speaking about the secrets behind her ageless appearance, Jenny divulged: "Sleep is so important for your health and I do think it helps with the Benjamin Button thing.

"People keep saying."

The starlet, who once dated singer Matt Goss, is engaged to sports therapist Martin Lowe, 46, who is fully supportive of a healthy lifestyle.

Elaborating on her diet, she said: "Martin is really into natural health and if you can make stuff from scratch then do it.

"Be a bit more conscious and aware of what you’re putting inside your body."

Jenny isn't planning on ditching her bikinis anytime soon and actively encourages women over the age of 50 to show off how good they look.

"I saw there was a TV discussion of should women be wearing a bikini in their 50s – why is that even a subject? For me I will continue to do so," says Jenny.

The presenter, who marks 35 years on TV this month, is also mum to two daughters Connie, 19, and Pollyanna, 12.

Jenny had previously been told how her youthful looks have left people assuming she is Connie's sister.

Although she is often compared to her eldest, Jenny feels that is well likely be Pollyanna who could follow in her showbiz footsteps.

She continued: "Connie is at university doing history of art – she's a real academic and never wants to be the centre of attention.

"But Pollyanna has definitely got it in her. She doesn't want to go to drama school or anything – she'll just find herself in the right place at the right time."

Jenny hosts the ­weekend breakfast show on Greatest Hits Radio, 6am to 10am, Saturdays and Sundays.

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