Backing singer to stars turns private detective

Who did for Delilah? Who confessed to his Mama, “just killed a man”? And who shot the sheriff? Rock’s most famous whodunnits could finally be solved by one of the world’s most successful backing singers.

After a career sharing the stage with rock legends including Queen, The Who and Sir Rod Stewart, Susie Webb is setting herself up as a private detective after discovering her sleuthing skills by accident.

When her teenage son’s bicycle was stolen, the songwriter not only tracked it down but unmasked a gang of crooks handling stolen goods.

And when 10 diners ran off from a restaurant without paying, she traced them and identified one of the culprits.

Susie, 48, of Barnes, south-west London said: “Ever since I was a young girl I’ve been fascinated by private detectives and wanted to be one.”

Her big chance came three years ago when her son Archie’s £550 bike was stolen. The vocalist found it for sale on eBay, together with other stolen items.

Her next case came at her favourite restaurant when a group fled owing hundreds of pounds.

She teamed up with Aspect, a property maintenance firm whose knowledge of the area helped her to identify one of the group.

She now plans to use her skills as an investigator as well as an influencer on her website.

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