BBC Breakfast’s Naga Munchetty slams troll who claims she ‘gained a few pounds’

BBC Breakfast presenter Naga Munchetty gave the perfect sarcastic response after a vile troll claimed she’d "gained a few pounds."

The former BBC World News presenter took to her Twitter page to humorously discuss what flavour crisps she likes to put in her sandwiches.

She wrote: "I always add ready salted crisps to my sandwiches (no other flavour works for me), but never go for a solo crisp sandwich. Each to their own I say x".

While many were happy to get involved in the light-hearted debate, one user decided to take the opportunity to tell the 47-year-old that she’d put on weight.

The user cruelly said: "You look well Naga, but, you’ve gained a few pounds recently. Don’t let it progress……"

But always one to give as good as she gets, the newsreader immediately hit back at the troll and sarcastically responded with "Thank goodness for people like Paul."

Several Twitter users were quick to jump to the presenter’s defence, with one user saying: "Well, I think you're beautiful, highly intelligent, hilarious and brighten my day (especially when you get bored of Charlie's news articles!)… I think if people have got nothing nice to say, say nothing at all… better still, go and find something constructive to do."

Another penned: "Nice bit of body shaming there Paul, would you say that to someone’s face, or do you only feel brave enough on Twitter?"

A third user recognised how "rude" the comment was and assured Naga that she "looks great as always."

This is not the first time Naga has hit back at a troll online, as just a few days ago she was forced to speak out as people began commenting on her outfit choice.

While the presenter looked stunning in a brown silky dress, several users decided to use Twitter to express how much they disliked her outfit.

One user wrote: "What is Naga wearing? We all know from watching Breakfast news over the years how people should appear on a BBC Breakfast show" – and branded her gown "ridiculous" and "sloppy".

Another user tweeted Naga saying: "Sweetheart, did you forget to get dressed this morning?"

Naga sarcastically replied with: "Yes, sweetheart x."

Naga regularly faces criticism online, and recently, it seems like she’s been more than happy to silence the trolls with a perfect sarcastic quip – and doesn't seem to let them get her down.

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