Brothers Osborne Offer an Anthem of Encouragement in 'Younger Me'

Brothers Osborne have released the uplifting anthem “Younger Me,” a song of encouragement for anyone pushing through a difficult time. It’s the first new music the duo has released outside their 2020 album Skeletons.

Inspired by singer TJ Osborne’s decision to publicly come out in February, “Younger Me” was conceived as a message to his younger self and struggling with being different, not knowing where he was going. “I’ve always wished I could speak to my younger self, give him a hug and show him who he’d become and what he’d achieve. Once I came out, that feeling was overwhelmingly strong that this song was born,” TJ tweeted from the duo’s account on Friday.

Built on a bed of pulsing synthesizers from the Eighties era of Bruce Springsteen, “Younger Me,” written by the Osbornes with Kendell Marvel, mixes a nostalgic atmosphere with some bittersweet wisdom, maybe even slanting toward sadness for the way Osborne felt back when he was “hanging out but not quite fitting in/didn’t know that being different really wouldn’t be the end.” He comes to understand that sometimes tough journey of self-realization and growth was necessary. “Youth ain’t wasted on the young/These trips around the sun, I needed every one/To get to where I’m standing,” he sings.

On Thursday, Brothers Osborne announced dates for their extensive We’re Not for Everyone Tour, which gets underway July 29th and runs through November 20th. On Sunday, April 18th, they’ll perform at the 56th Academy of Country Music Awards.

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