BTS’ V Wishes He Could Write a ‘Thank You’ Card to His Dog Yeontan — ‘Tan Had a Hard Life'

ARMYs often share their love for BTS’ unofficial mascot — V’s pomeranian Yeontan. Even V said he would write a thank you note to his dog, thanking him for “not giving up and staying alive.” Here’s what the “Inner Child” singer said about his pet.

V is one BTS’ resident ‘good boy,’ performing songs like ‘Stigma’ and ‘Inner Child’

Sometimes he’s a good boy, other times, he’s a bad boy. All of the time, though, V is BTS’ vocalist. He appeared on group songs like “Permission to Dance,” “Boy With Luv,” and “Life Goes On,” also releasing songs like “Winter Bear” as a solo artist.

Outside of his work with the K-pop group, V is the proud owner of a dog named Yeontan. The cheerful pomeranian became somewhat of a mascot for the BTS ARMY, with fans sharing their love for pictures and videos of V’s pet.

BTS’ V often shares his love for his dog, Yeontan 

V is close friends with Jimin and the other BTS members. When it comes to the artist’s favorite animal/friend, Yeontan takes the cake. During an interview with GQ Magazine, V said he would write a “thank you” card to “Tannie,” even if he couldn’t understand it.

“How about ‘woof woof woof woof,’” V said. “Tan had a hard life. He’s always had health problems. He can’t breathe well because his airways are quite small, and he faints if he runs even a little, so he had to have two surgeries this year, but they were unsuccessful…” 

“He has to rely on medication now,” he added. “I want to tell him, “Thank you for putting up with the pain, not giving up, and staying alive, even though it must have been so hard for you. I hope we can create a lifetime of happy memories together. I want to see you all grown up.”

With over seven years since their debut, ARMYs saw Yeontan grow up alongside the BTS members. Jimin helped train this dog and V even if Yeontan didn’t listen when V tried to do the same. 

J-Hope responded similarly when BTS was first nominated for a Grammy Award. The rapper was asked who he called following the nomination. He was quick to respond with “Mickey,” his family dog. 

Several BTS members have pets

Other members of this K-pop group share pictures of their animals on Instagram. That includes RM, who posted pictures of his dog, Rapmon wearing a similar costume to Netflix’s Squid Game character. Jungkook posted an Instagram story of his Doberman named Bam. 

When BTS spent time on their period of “rest and relaxation” Suga shared a picture of his family’s dog, Holly to the boy band’s shared Twitter account. At one point, Jin was the owner of several sugar gliders. 

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