Chloe Ferry traumatised after obsessed fan breaks into her lavish £1.1m mansion

Chloe Ferry has been shaken up following an incident at her Newcastle home where an obsessed fan broke into the grounds of her £1.1m pad.

The Geordie star was forced to call the police after being left traumatised following a break-in at her new million-pound mansion.

The MTV star, 25, had a deranged fan climbed over the gate of her dream home earlier this week and was so distraught by the incident that she's told friends she wished she had "never entered into the public eye".

A source told The Sun: "Chloe thought she had moved into her dream home but the incident has put a downer on things.

"This break-in has left her traumatised – people forget that she's only 25 due to all her success.

"It's left her questioning if she wants to remain in the industry."

The culprit left Chloe a note underneath her plant pot and took photos on the grounds before making a sharp exit.

Police are now reportedly investigating the incident that has shaken up the reality star.

Northumbria Police said: "We can confirm we received a report of an intruder on a property in Gosforth.

"We have spoken to the occupant of the address to offer them reassurance and advice.

"Enquiries are ongoing to establish the identity of the intruder and whether any criminal offences have taken place."

Chloe also commented on the incident: "It is not normal. If I could turn back time for all this. I wouldn't want it because it is not a nice feeling."

The starlet first splashed out on the five-bedroom gaff which boasts 0.28 acres of land and is located on the outskirts of Newcastle earlier this year, following her split with her co-star ex Sam Gowland.

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