EastEnders’ Lucy Beale star strips to sheer lingerie after embracing ‘fat rolls’

EastEnders star Melissa Suffield has shown off her sensational figure with her latest saucy new underwear snaps, revealing she's "feeling secure" in her body.

The 28-year-old actress, who gained fame as Lucy Beale in the BBC soap, has taken to social media to show off her dazzling curves to the world – and she's stripped down to some steamy lingerie whilst she does it.

Revealing the saucy skintight outfits to her fans on Instagram, the star sported an array of lingerie sets and was seen striking a whole host of fun poses.

Melissa was smiling brightly as she modelled the seriously intimate underwear pieces and even treated her fans to a kiss by leaning in to kiss the lens.

Plugging her brand, Melissa captioned the video: "AD Feeling secure with @lindexofficial I am obsessed with Lindex underwear.

"So comfortable and well made, and whatever style I choose always leaves me feeling secure.

"I’m especially a fan of their high waist briefs for keeping my mum-tum in check (no mean feat!), and the prices are totally reasonable too."

And the actress was met with a flock of praise by her adoring Instagram fans, who were loving her body positivity and confidence.

One admiring follower commented: "This was the body positive post I needed to see this morning. Looking fantastic!!!" with a set of fire and love-heart emoji to match.

A second fan clearly inspired by the shoot said: "I just love your confidence, can you send some my way."

And a third penned to Melissa: "Thank you, so nice to see real!! You are stunning, 100% needed to see this."

Melissa has won the hearts of many on social media after her inspiring, heartwarming posts about her personal life and body.

Earlier this month, Melissa shared a gorgeous snap of herself chilling out in her garden in a red dress and admitted that she almost didn't post the photo because of how her body looked.

Opening up to fans, she commented: "I almost didn’t post this. Fat and rolls spilling over the top of the thick waistband of a pair of Robert’s pants, the dress clinging to it.

"The angle I’m sat at, that’s accentuating my lower half and messing with my proportions. I could probably sit and dissect this photo for ages.

"Capturing memories is a beautiful thing, but it’s important to remember that they’re nothing compared to the memory itself. I felt fierce that day, and no photo is going to make me feel otherwise"

Melissa is now a mum to her baby son River, who turned one this year.

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