Fans eyeball sexual tension between Dominic West and Lily James in BBC1 drama

The longly-awaited BBC One period drama The Pursuit Of Love finally graced TV screens on Sunday night.

In the adaptation of Nancy Mitford's novel, Dominic West, 51, plays Matthew Radlett who is the father of Lily James' character Linda Radlett.

Eagle-eyed fans had tuned in especially to see if they could detect any mounting "sexual tension" between the actors.

One particular scene saw Dominic threaten to give his daughter a "thrashing" which proved to be "awkward" for some to watch.

Especially after it had previously come to light back in October that Lily and married Dominic had enjoyed a cosy trip to Rome previously.

Viewers stormed Twitter to discuss the programme after witnessing the pair in a number of scenes together.

"Are we all watching pursuit of love to see the sexual tension between Lily James and Dominic West," penned one online user.

Another tweet read: "Well, it's a bit awkward watching The Pursuit of Love where Dominic West plays Lily James' dad when you know they got, erm, 'close' during filming."

A third chimed: "Ah I see this is where Lily James and Dominic West's 'friendship' began then. #pursuitoflove."

Last year, Lily, 32, and Dominic were spotted enjoying what appeared to be a cosy city break to the Italian city of Rome.

After pictures had emerged in the public domain, many rumours were ignited.

In a bid to quash speculation, Dominic's wife Catherine FitzGerald spoke out to insist that her marriage was just fine.

Her brief statement read: "Our marriage is strong and we're very much still together."

According to The Mail On Sunday, Catherine negotiated that Dominic would now be banned from ever having contact with Lily again – that included in a working capacity too.

An informant told the publication: "He has promised never to see, speak or work with Lily again."

When most of us believed that the scandal couldn't become any worse, the plot thickened when Lily hinted in an interview that she would like to spill her side of the story.

Speaking with The Guardian, she said: "Ach, I'm not really willing to talk about that. There is a lot to say, but not now, I'm afraid."

More recently and ahead of the BBC series kicking off, it came to light that there had been worry about differing truths surfacing.

A source reported to The Sun: "There is concern about what she is going to say about her side of the story.

"Lily is clearly hurt about being hung out to dry publicly, so it's likely she will set the record straight at some point."

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