Gemma Collins to Piers Morgan: Ryan-Mark Parson’s best and worst stars of 2020

The Apprentice star Ryan-Mark Parsons has been sharing his thoughts each week for the past few months on all things showbiz.

He's had his say on the likes of Little Mix, Kim Kardashian, Piers Morgan and plenty of other celebrities that have kept life interesting – for better or worse – during the craziness that has been 2020.

As we get ready to welcome a new – and hopefully better – year, Ryan-Mark is back once again giving his opinions on the best and worse celebrities of the year, exclusively with Daily Star.

And you can expect just as many ups and downs in his list as you faced this year.

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Let’s be real, 2020 was a tumultuous year for everyone.

We’re all tired of Zoom, but I’m even more tired of egotistical and virtual signalling celebrities who made it worse for everybody else.

However, there are some celebs we must celebrate in this new year, whether they ripped apart ministers and their plans for tackling the pandemic, or lifted spirits in a time when we all needed it, and still need it.

WORST: Gemma Collins’ diva nonsense

  • Gemma Collins' dad sobs he 'would rather be dead' as he battles Covid in hospital

I am so done with Gemma Collins.

Maybe it’s a part of the television persona, but her awfully arrogant personality has been painful to watch this year.

She paraded around her brother’s house like she thought she was the Queen of Sheba in her latest ITV2 Diva series.

Her ranting, shouting, demands and baseless diva antics made me cringe to the max.

One day she’ll realise she’s not the UK’s answer to Kim Kardashian, and perhaps that reckoning will make her humble.

BEST: Piers Morgan’s government crusade

  • Piers Morgan's son Spencer slammed after avoiding Tier 4 lockdown rules on Barbados trip

Before 2020, Piers Morgan’s role in British television was the comical broadcaster with a questionable on-screen relationship with Susanna Reid and murky history as a newspaper editor.

Many people disliked him (they still do), and rarely would you see any public support for him.

The pandemic has been a blessing for his popularity score.

Social media, journalists, my friends and family have hailed Morgan for battling against government deception, standing against MPs manipulating the truth, and fighting for NHS workers such as when he paid for their parking.

He’s emerged as a hero this year; one of the few broadcasters brave enough to properly challenge slimy MPs and duplicitous ministers.

WORST: The Sussexes’ global domination

  • Meghan Markle and Prince Harry release first podcast featuring Elton John and others

Ugh! I cry when I hear the names "Prince Harry and Meghan Markle", the paradoxical two who stick around in the limelight and yet are so desperate for their privacy – it’s so laughable.

Their new Netflix deal is likely to see the couple earn more than $250million; exclusive Archewell Spotify deal (megabucks too); and awards scheme similar to the Queen’s National Honours.

Enough of them!

They’ve left the country, they won their privacy rights (ironically) – so now strip their titles.

Goodbye and please no more headlines in 2021.

BEST: Kim Kardashian’s provocative party

  • Kim Kardashian squeezes curves into rubber corset for kinky Christmas display

I love Kim Kardashian because she’s so transparent.

In fact, her whole family have laid their lives in front of cameras and we have unashamedly judged every move.

Not many could handle the pressure.

In October, Kim celebrated her 40th birthday with her family in the best way possible: a private island.

She flew family and friends on a private jet to The Brando in Polynesia to enjoy 40 years of her life.

Why not?

Many accused the American socialite for being “tone-deaf” and “obnoxious” in light of the pandemic, with millions recently unemployed and not able to travel.

All of that is credible, however Kim made it undeniably clear that she was “blessed” and has always thanked her fans for the success they’ve afforded her.

She gave me some hope, reminded me of reality, and proved you can enjoy yourself even when the world seems to be upside down.

That’s why I love her.

WORST: Gal Gadot’s cringe karaoke

  • Ricky Gervais slams 'narcissistic and patronising' social media stars in epic rant

Do you remember when Gal Gadot and a few of her celeb pals including Natalie Portman, Zoe Kravitz, Jimmy Fallon and so on gave us the most sedative rendition of John Lennon’s Imagine back in March?

It was around the start of lockdown in the UK, and this video alone elongated the suffering by about 20 years.

It was a hideous video or noise – whatever you want to call it – I’ve seen or listened to.

Gadot passionately took to social media to share the clip and was justifiably hounded for it.

Who on Earth wants to listen to multi-millionaire celebs from their 10-bedroom mansions sing about the struggle of lockdown?

One of the lyrics – "Imagine no possessions" – rubs salt into the wounds.

Do us all a favour, delete it.

BEST: Triumphant Captain Sir Tom Moore

  • Captain Tom Moore lands '7-figure' film deal and wants Michael Cain to play him

Captain Tom is a national treasure.

He walked into the hearts of millions across the world with his wartime stories and raised over £30million for NHS Charities Together in the process.

He gained a No1 single, two Guinness World Records, and was knighted in May by The Queen; all of which he achieved between the ages of 99 and 100.

What more can I say? An absolute British legend.

WORST: Shut up Thomas Skinner

  • Apprentice star Thomas Skinner forced to sell his watch due to money struggles

I’m not sure if he qualifies on my celebrity list, however we need talk about my Apprentice friend Thomas Skinner, the pillow salesman.

When he’s not trolling me on Twitter, he’s travelling up and down the country flogging mattresses and drinking Stella.

He’s become a Twitter legend, but I’ve had enough of his tagline "Bosh".

It gives me nightmares.

It’s become a cringeworthy catchphrase he’s using to market his character, and my skin crawls every time I hear it.

When we’re in public he likes to pretend to be an A-list celeb, and apparently he’s Lord Sugar’s best friend… However, he’s now a father to a lovely son Henry who has brought Thomas back down to Earth.

I hope this hasn’t ruined my chance of getting a pillow from him one day?

BEST: Open and proud Phillip Schofield

  • Phillip Schofield's friends feared 'he'd done something silly' after This Morning no show

Phillip Schofield, 57-year-old This Morning presenter, came out as gay back in February, initially releasing a statement on social media and later opening up with co-presenter Holly Willoughby.

It was an emotional moment during live television, speaking candidly with Holly about telling his family and accepting his sexuality for the first time publicly since he started his television career in 1982.

It was courageous and a testament to changing times in our society where before Phillip struggled coming out.

This year is more accepting and diverse than ever, which is something to celebrate at least.

WORST: Lana Del Rey’s lunacy

  • Lana Del Rey goes through glam 1940s makeover as she announces new album

Lana has had a hectic year.

Back in May, she uploaded an unnecessary and beguiling message which essentially dragged artists like Ariana Grande, Cardi B, and Nicki Minaj for acquiring success through “wearing no clothes, f***ing, cheating” and it caused outrage (rightfully so).

Who made her moral supremacist to judge their successful careers by embracing their feminism?

Do be quiet.

Also, let’s not forget the horrific image captured by a member of the public which saw Del Rey wearing a bejewelled mask that was pretty much see-through and hardly protective.

She later denied these claims, saying the mask had transparent fabric beneath the jewels, but I'm not sure I quite believe her.

BEST: Alison Hammond takes over

  • Alison Hammond 'turned down' This Morning job before replacing Ruth Langsford

The gorgeous, fabulous and truly deserving broadcaster has a regular Friday slot on This Morning — why has it taken so long?

Alison Hammond has taken over the nation with her warmth and charisma since Big Brother launched her career in 2002.

She’s replacing Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, said their goodbyes to viewers this month.

Hammond will be co-presenting with Dermot O’Leary each week and I just know she’ll be a hit.

WORST: Jess Glynne’s Sexy Fish fiasco

  • Jodie Marsh accuses Jess Glynne of 'dressing like a chav' in Sexy Fish restaurant row

The ferociously annoying Jess Glynne was refused entry into Sexy Fish (a Mayfair eatery with strict dress code and expensive menu), looking like she'd turned up at a friend's for a night in with Netflix.

Of course, she took to social media and published a dissertation on how she was "discriminated" against by the restaurant for turning her down at the door.

Don’t you love it when privileged, white, wealthy women complain about discrimination?

When I first saw the post I assumed it was a parody or late April’s Fools prank… no, she wasn’t joking.

I haven’t heard her on the radio in five years, so I doubt I’ll have to endure her whining again.

WORST: Matt Hancock’s crocodile tears

  • Matt Hancock breaks down in tears on GMB as he discusses coronavirus vaccine

Matt Hancock is an odd man.

What pushed us all over the edge was the seemingly fake crying on Good Morning Britain, it was terribly uncomfortable to watch mainly because it appeared so staged.

I didn’t see one tear roll down his face: total PR stunt and an attempt to get the British people to sympathise with him, which backfired massively.

Whether it’s the bizarre pictures of him playing football, or blatantly dodging questions over severe government failings — he’s useless.

The man should be sacked and cry real tears over his P45 with Dominic Cummings…

That’s it! My list is done for 2020. Some classic celeb moments that we won’t forget anytime soon, and I’m sure 2021 will deliver even more tedious or terrific moments that we’ll be talking about ahead of 2022.

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