Gemma Collins wants a baby next year and make a TV show about it

Towie legend Gemma Collins plans to become a mum in 2022 – and it will all be captured on film.

The reality star and boyfriend Rami Hawash have decided they are ready to have a baby and want to share the little bundle of joy with the nation.

After hitting 40, Gemma is convinced it is the right time.

She said: “I’m ready for a baby. I am going to try next year. I’m really excited about it.”

Gemma fears she may struggle to conceive because she has polycystic ovary syndrome.

The condition makes it difficult for women to get pregnant.

Gemma is in talks to make a documentary about her battle.

She said: “That’ll be the next show I do, Gemma Collins: Making The Baby.

“It’s not so easy for me to get pregnant. But I am ready for it.”

She wants to become a mum because she says she has finally found happiness.

The former car saleswoman reckons Rami, 45, is the love of her life.

She shared a romantic snap of the two kissing on her Instagram earlier this week as they celebrated his birthday.

She said: “We dated years ago when we were younger and we were more fiery then.

“I was just starting out on The Only Way Is Essex.

“But now I’m very settled and very happy. And he was there all along.”

Gemma is hoping her documentary will bring in a pile of cash.

She said: “I am in negotiations. My agent will get me the right price.”

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