George Harrison's 'All Things Must Pass' Cover Recreated With Giant Gnomes

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass — and the album’s new reissue — the former Beatle’s son Dhani Harrison teamed up with floral artist Ruth Davis of All for Love London to make a special art installation in the center of London that recreates the album’s iconic cover art.

A new behind-the-scenes video shows how the giant “Gnome Garden” came together, with Davis creating larger-than-life figures based on two of the gnomes using different plant materials. The gnomes sit on a large circle of turf, centered on an oversized stool and a pair of boots meant to represent Harrison.

“He had a connection with nature — that’s how he meditated and prayed, was his gardening,” Dhani Harrison says in an interview at his father’s Hyde Park property. “My whole life, he’d be right over there, he’d be up in that hill right there.”

The clip ends on an especially heartwarming note, showing George Harrison’s widow Olivia Harrison visiting the installation and exclaiming, “That’s the most joyous thing I’ve ever seen!”

In addition to overseeing the installation, Dhani Harrison also helmed the remastering of All Things Must Pass for its 50th-anniversary reissue. Released earlier this month, the box set includes three discs of unreleased material from the album sessions.

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