Gwen Stefani Praises Olivia Rodrigo for Her First Heartbreak Song

Olivia Rodrigo has made a lot of headlines for her emotional song “Drivers License,” and has made some famous fans in the process. Among them, Gwen Stefani, who recently showered the young songstress with praise.

“At just 17, Olivia Rodrigo is a master at turning her heartbreak into something glorious,” Stefani wrote of the singer in an entry for Time magazine’s “2021 TIME100 Next” list, which showcases the next 100 most influential people in the world.

“The world is obsessed with her breakthrough single, ‘Drivers License’… because while Olivia’s storytelling is confessional and intimate, it’s also larger than life,” wrote Stefani — who is no stranger to penning and performing hit songs that deal with the gamut of emotions. “By pouring her heart out with so much courage and total command of her talent, Olivia made magic.”

Stefani marveled at how “every line in ‘Drivers License’ feels like it was ripped out of Olivia’s diary,” and reflected on how the poignant lyrics all contain “a beauty and level of detail that makes you feel like you’re with her, driving through the suburbs of Southern California at night, lost in thought.”

“Rare is the artist who can transport that way, especially at such a young age,” Stefani explained. “And for anyone going through their first heartbreak, Olivia’s voice is a light in the dark.”

Rodrigo’s tune became a mega-hit upon release, but also inadvertently stirred up alleged drama between herself and songstress Sabrina Carpenter — as many fans felt lyrics in “Drivers License” were subtle digs are Carpenter, who is rumored to be dating Rodrigo’s ex supposed Joshua Bassett.

Subsequently, the drama and public speculation intensified when Carpenter released her own song, “Skin,” which fans felt was a response to Rodrigo’s hit tune. But as the public spotlight on the rumored love triangle intensified, both Rodrigo and Carpenter tried to defuse the tension and refocus the public narrative away from fan theories about their interpersonal drama and onto the merits of their artistic expression.

Check out the video below to hear more about Rodrigo’s hit song and how it tackles heartbreak and acceptance.

Meanwhile, Rodrigo is joined on the “2021 TIME100 Next” list by many young, burgeoning superstars including Charli D’Amelio, Regé-Jean Page, Doja Cat, Dua Lipa, Amanda Gorman, and many others. Check out the full list here.

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