Hayley Williams Let a Fan 'Leak' Her New Song 'My Limb'

Hayley Williams has released a new song, “My Limb,” by letting a fan upload a “leaked” version of the track to YouTube.

On Thursday night, to mark the “Wolf Moon” — an old term for the first full moon of January and a new year, per The Old Farmer’s Almanac — Williams hand-delivered a CD-R with “My Limb” on it to a fan in Nashville (the gift also included a sanctuary candle, for good measure). Williams documented the journey on Instagram (the story is still available to watch for now), while the fan, named Carly, confirmed its receipt on Twitter, writing, “Did Hayley Williams drive to your house and drop off a candle and a CD with her new song on it or are you having a normal night?”

“My Limb” marks Williams’ first new music of the year, and arrives on the heels of a busy 2020, which saw the release of her debut solo album, Petals for Armor. In December, Williams dropped a three-song EP, Petals for Armor: Self-Serenades, which featured acoustic versions of two album cuts, plus one new song, “Find Me Here.”

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