Inbetweeners’ James Buckley shares embarrassing sex habit which his wife hates

Inbetweeners star James Buckley has admitted wearing his sweaty socks during sex – and it is a real turn-off for his wife.

The actor, 36, played foul-mouthed teenager Jay in the Channel 4 sitcom who famously never stopped boasting about his adventurous, but made-up, sex life. Yet in his actual bedroom nothing as wild as Jay’s fantasies takes place between James and his ex-model spouse Clair Meek, 35.

Speaking on the couple’s new podcast, In Sickness And In Health, Clair, said: “Lose the socks. It’s only twice a year.
“You don’t like your feet. I don’t see your feet. I see the socks, they are very noticeable, especially when they’re black socks. Lose the socks!”

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But James insists he keeps his old socks on for Clair’s sake, because his feet are off-putting. He said: “The thing that’s going to kill the mood is my cold, but also sweaty, feet.

“Ice cold, like icicles hanging off the bottom of my legs – but also still very clammy and wet. I can’t think of anything that would kill the mood more than your leg bumping into them. The toenails are sharp as well, they go to a point.”

It comes after James revealed he did a sex act with a fire extinguisher at school in a crude Jackass-style stunt which must have livened up his drama class. The actor said: "In the drama room there was a fire extinguisher and the pin was pulled out of it.

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“So I perched on this fire extinguisher. And while he was teaching I took the hose and I was putting it between my legs and then I did a bit where I pretended to give it a bl*w j*b. But the pin had been taken out and I leant back a bit too much and it squirted all in my face!"

The incident was so lewd his classmates and his drama teacher were stunned.

But James confessed he was obsessed with doing wacky things because he loved watching TV hit Jackass. The star used to mimic the dangerous stunts with his pals at school.

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