Kanye West Finally Drops 'DONDA' on All Streaming Platforms – or Did He?

Kanye West finally released his 10th studio album DONDA on all streaming platforms as of yesterday, or did he? In accordance with the public’s huge anticipation and excitement for the album, many were a bit confused about its untimely release. Identical to the chaotic build-up for Kanye West’s DONDA release, there is now much controversy surrounding the nature of the 22-time Grammy award-winning rapper’s 27-track album. Whereas on one hand, there are reports saying that the album was released prematurely and without his permission, on the other hand, people are claiming that the issue is the incorrect version of the album was initially released.  

Kanye West accused Universal Music Group of prematurely releasing his album without his consent

Shortly after the moment many in the entertainment industry had been waiting for, the release of West’s DONDA on all streaming platforms, the artist posted on Instagram calling out UMG for releasing his album without his approval.

Kanye West wrote about DONDA on Instagram: “Universal put my album out without my approval and they blocked ‘Jail 2’ from being on the album.” Despite Universal Music Group (the parent company of Def Jam Records) not commenting immediately, Variety reports that they made no official comments, yet sources at the company called West’s claim “preposterous.” 

The post (which is only one of two on his page) still stands despite his allegations and the label’s lack of commentary.

The controversial rollout of Kanye West’s ‘DONDA’

Two days following his final listening party in his hometown, Chicago, West, as promised, shared his undeniable talents with the world once again. Yet, the long-awaited album DONDA has stirred up much conflict prior to, and now after, its infamous release.

Though this album was originally set to be released on July 24th, the rapper decided after much thought and consideration that not only was it not ready to be released, but it also needed a dramatic entrance like its creator. He even posted a snapshot of the make-shift studio room he was supposedly staying in until the album was finished at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

That said, the rapper has had fans waiting over a month for the final release and now that it is here, folks are wondering, “are there two versions?” While what seems to be the official version of DONDA with 27 songs, the first version that platforms distributed only had 26 tracks. 

Come to find out, one of the tracks, “Jail pt 2,” was listed as “unavailable to stream” on all platforms, and then the whole album went unavailable. Shortly after, another version with 27 tracks, was available, which is apparently the official version.

While West, who is also in the process of changing his legal name to “Ye,” according to NBC, spent most of his recent shows in a full face mask, which was his signature Kanye West look throughout his entire DONDA promotion, to his fans’ surprise, was not incorporated in the cover art for the album. Instead, it was just a black box.

Some celebrities are not a fan of ‘DONDA’

After West received much backlash for planning to replace Jay-Z’s verse with DaBaby on the track “Jail,” the original version was reinstated for Sunday’s official release in “Jail pt 2.”

With the constant back and forth of which artists were and weren’t going to be included, fans were taken back Thursday night to find that DaBaby and Marilyn Manson were collaborators on the album. 

DaBaby recently faced much criticism for making homophobic comments at his Rolling Loud Miami performance, and Manson was accused of sexual assault by his wife. The appearance of both left unpleasant vibes for many.

According to NBC News, a Manson representative told them last Friday, that his voice is featured on Kanye West’s DONDA, “and he will continue to conceptually collaborate with Ye on the DONDA project.”

There were many other collaborators including, Lil Baby, Jay Electronica, Travis Scott, The Weeknd, and Chris Brown who has writing credits on the track “New Again.” While some on social media made a mockery at the appearances, others condemned West’s choice to include DaBaby and Manson.

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