Katie Price bankruptcy hearing delayed again until 2024 after hearing chaos

Katie Price's bankruptcy hearing has once again been postponed after the judge “lost control” of her online hearing.

The former glamour model, 45, participated in a virtual hearing last week, intending to disclose her financial status, however, an unusual incident occurred when the presiding judge struggled to maintain order due to disruptions during the video call.

A new hearing date was eventually set for February 2024.

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Despite her official bankruptcy status, Katie has failed to meet her monthly obligations of £1,200 to her various creditors.

Notably, she invested £1.3 million in her Sussex residence, affectionately named the Mucky Mansion, almost a decade ago.

Today, the property's value has surged to over £2 million. Trustees responsible for her bankruptcy are currently deliberating whether to sell the estate to settle her debts.

The well-known celebrity was expected to present her case to the court, outlining her plans to satisfy her financial obligations or demonstrate the property's crucial role in her work.

However, before the hearing could commence, Katie logged into the webcam link and became agitated with other participants on the call.

She alleged that members of the public were taking screenshots of her, intending to criticize her on "tattle sites."

Cameras are prohibited in court, and capturing screenshots during online hearings is also forbidden, carrying potential legal consequences.

Katie expressed her concerns to the judge, saying: "Your picture has already been put on this tattle site, and they are talking about it.

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“My anxiety levels have gone up. There are people on here who shouldn't be on here. I'm just protecting you guys as well as myself."

One woman attending the hearing online asserted that she was merely an interested member of the public and had not taken any screenshots.

Katie responded, "You are here to criticize me. I'm scared to be on here because of these people. They are awful people. I get anxiety. I'm petrified."

In response to the chaos, His Honour Judge Paul Greenwood ordered all individuals not directly involved in the hearing to leave the call, acknowledging that he had lost control.

He declared that the hearing would now be conducted in private, stating: "I'm not entirely sure I can maintain control of the hearing or the dissemination of the hearing… In order it should be capable of being conducted, I'm going to direct it is going to be in private. Everyone who is not party must leave the meeting."

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