Katie Price’s partner Carl Woods branded ‘disgrace’ for teasing Harvey with cake

Katie Price's boyfriend Carl Woods has been slammed by online users for pretending to eat son Harvey's favourite brand of carrot cake.

The 32-year-old filmed himself rattling the package of the sweet treat as Harvey became irate, telling his not to "f***ing touch" it.

Harvey who suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome, is also partially blind and on the autistic spectrum, can often become enraged over minor things due to his condition.

Given Harvey has been caught on camera before smashing his head against a brick wall in a rage, fans couldn't seem to digest why the car salesman would deliberately want to wind him up.

One message read: "You're a bloody disgrace if teasing someone with the disabilities that Harvey has just to get laughs and likes ,and for his mother to allow it is a bigger disgrace. Grow up for God sake."

Another added: "Should be ashamed of yourself you t****r. Do you find it funny stressing a disabled young man for attention and likes?"

A third person fumed: "Winding him up again on purpose! Get a life Woods."

While another forewarned: "As much as you meant no harm that could of caused a major meltdown big no no from me if he got up and tomb stoned it you asked for it."

Mum-of-five Katie found the footage hilarious, so much so she decided to share the snippet with her Instagram fans.

Captioning the clip, she wrote: "Harvey really makes me laugh and gets all protective over his carrot cake and his hearing is insane."

Carl can be seen in the clip rustling the packaging of a Tesco Finest product.

Much like a hawk, Harvey was quick to pinpoint the noise as his favourite cake item, telling Carl to back off.

He shouted: "No, no!"

Pretending to be innocent, Carl replied: "What?"

Before Harvey said sharply: "Don't wind me up Carl. Don't f***ing touch."

Laughing, Carl added: "Alright."

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