Lorraine Kelly told ‘go f*** yourself’ as she names Piers Morgan hero of 2020

Lorraine Kelly was told to "go f*** yourself" by comedian James Acaster after she named Piers Morgan her 'hero of 2020'.

The TV presenter gave her pick of the heroes of the year during The Last Leg 's festive special.

During one of the segments of the programme, guests were asked to name their hero of the year.

When asked, the Scot said: "Stay with me on this one… Piers Morgan."

Acaster quickly snapped "go f*** yourself", which left everyone in the studio in hysterics.

But Kelly continued to defend her choice: "Stay with me, I understand, I appreciate the sentiment and don’t look at me like that."

Kelly then went on to explain the reason for her answer and said: “Do you remember when Boris Johnson hid in a fridge rather than be interviewed by Piers Morgan?

“None of the Cabinet Ministers would come on the telly because they were too scared and they all phoned up like ‘do you remember us? Can we come back on the telly?

“And they came back on the telly but it would’ve been better if they didn’t.”

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When she finished explaining her answer, Adam Hills pointed out that Kelly may have won over Acaster.

But the comedian responded with: “You don’t get to stop being a villain for two seconds and now you’re a hero.”

Co-host Alex Brooker said in fits of laughter: “Nothing sums up 2020 more than the nation’s sweetheart being told to go f*** herself.”

Which Kelly replied: “It’s fine, I can take it.”

Late last year, the presenter used the same words when she fumed at celebrities who flouted Covid rules.

On the same show in mid-December, she presented her Christmas message to viewers, talking of the hard year many of us have endured during the pandemic.

But speaking to the Covid rule-breakers like Rita Ora and Kay Burley, she told them to "go f*** yourself" in a foul-mouthed rant.

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