Love Island’s Abi Rawlings ‘scared of what Liam will be like outside the villa’

Love Island's Liam Reardon and Millie Court were crowned the winners for 2021 but the hard work of life outside the villa is just starting, and one former Islander isn't sure how Millie can trust Liam.

Abigail Rawlings, 27, said she's a big fan of the couple but is "scared" how Liam, 22, might behave in the real world after his heartbreaking betrayal of Millie, 24, in Casa Amor.

The Welsh builder locked lips several times with new bombshell Lillie Haynes, 22, much to Millie's devastation when she found out.

Tattooist Abigail said: "For me personally, I've watched the Casa Amor episodes since I've been back, and I'm worried."

She continued: "I just don't know… the fact he was willing to do that in Casa Amor, even though there were cameras on him, it just scares me what he might do in real life."

"Hopefully he's he's learned his lesson, but it does worry me because Millie does deserve the world, she's so lush. That's why it's a little bit of a grey area for me, that one!" she considers.

Stunning brunette Abigail said Liam turned out to be the villa's biggest surprise for her.

"I really like Liam as a person. I think he's such a nice guy and I don't feel like the show actually showed how funny and what a gentleman he is," insists Abi.

"Out of everyone, he shocked me probably the most just because I thought he was really boring when I was going in" she admits.

"I wasn't that bothered about him, but as soon as I talked to him, I was like, 'Oh my god, you're actually so funny.' Why? Why does that not come across in the show? I don't get it," she questions.

Abi is due to return to her career of tattooing this week, and said she never planned to be an influencer but will "give it a go."

She said if anyone is thinking of applying for next year's series, they should: "Just be yourself! Don't make up some big character, otherwise you've got big boots to fill."

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