Love Island’s AJ Bunker flooded with creepy messages from sex fetish fans

Love Island star AJ Bunker has revealed she’s been flooded with messages from men interested a very specific kind of sexual fetish since leaving the show.

The 28-year-old opened up about receiving the unsolicited messages on FUBAR Radio to hosts Bobby Norris and Stephen Leng on Access All Areas.

She made the shocking revelation that she had become the unwilling target of ‘pay pigs’.

‘Pay pigs’ is a term used to describe people – usually men – who live in financial servitude to a woman and are turned on by being financially exploited.

AJ confessed: “I’m getting PayPigs left, right, and centre.”

“I’m just like, ‘Why am I getting so many PayPigs messages?’ I just, obviously I’m not open to that.

“I’m not accepting them but it’s just like, ‘Why?’ Honestly there’s just a countless amount.

“I think there are more PayPigs messages than guys asking me on dates.”

Bobby and Stephen also quizzed her on whether she had any famous people with verified “blue ticks” sliding into her DMs.

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“[I had] a few. I think just like a few sports professionals and an ex, like, winter Love Islander as well,” AJ admitted.

She admitted that the secret fellow Islander had taken her out but ended up breaking her heart.

She explained: “We went for a few drinks. But literally, the next day, he went and asked another girl on a date.”

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The reality star also opened up about her previous relationship with the Too Hot To Handle star, Robert Van Tromp.

She said: “Do you know I actually had my ex on here [Access All Areas] not too long ago?”.

“It’s so funny, I was actually in holding (for Love Island) when he went on there [Too Hot To Handle]. So it was like, ‘How has this happened?’”

AJ then added: “So I just rewatched your podcast and he was saying that he got approached for Love Island originally. So I was like, ‘Imagine if we both went in at the same time?’ Hilarious!”

AJ entered the villa as a bombshell in week three but was dumped just one week later.

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