Love Island’s Anna Vakili has the best bum according to the golden ratio

Have you ever wondered what makes the perfect behind? Well now, there is a mathematical equation that let's you know whether or not a bottom is classified as excellent. And according to recent reports, Love Island bombshell Anna Vakili falls into this category.

Reality star Anna, 30, is the Love Island babe with the most perfect bum according to the Golden Ratio equation, The Sun reported.

The pharmacist, who appeared on Love Island in 2019, has the perfect "Golden Ratio" as claimed by Dr Alexander Aslani who thoroughly analysed the bottoms of previous Love Island stars.

Dr Alexander used a system which was developed by the ancient Greeks to measure physical perfection.

The ancient Greeks believed that there was a "Golden Ratio" for all things when they approached beauty and perfection.

Not only this, but they also used a mathematical equation called phi to measure the "perfect ratio" for the backside.

Ideally Phi sees the perfect bum, waist, breast proportion as 3:2:3. The equation also deems the perfect upper hip to lower hip ratio to be 6:4.

Although the ratio was previously used by Leonardo Da Vinci for the perfect human male body in his famous work the Vitruvian Man, the maths equation can be applied to anything.

The design of the equation is that the closer the ratios of the face, body part or room are to the number 1.62, the more beautiful it apparently becomes.

Looking at the equation in more detail, Cosmetic surgeon Dr Aslani , who specialises in BBL surgery analysed former love Islander Anna and gave his views on what makes her peachy bottom so perfect.

The Doctor also gave his analysis on previous island stars including Zara McDermott, Olivia Bowen and Molly-Mae Hague.

Regarding Anna's peachy derrière, Dr Aslani said: "I believe Anna has perfect bottom proportions that are liked by the overwhelming majority of people.

"Her buttocks are a nice round shape and the centred projection is not too high or too low; she also has a very slim waist. Overall, a real success!" He exclaimed.

Former islander Zara McDermott also did very well in the analysis. As Dr Frati believes the TV personality has a 9/10 bottom according to the findings from the report.

The doctor also believes that she has the best photos out of all the pictures he's received due to the fact that she was able to wear the best clothes to show off her assets.

Judging by some of Zara's photos, the doctor could definitely be right.

Other Love Islanders that the Dr believes has an almost perfect bum is Molly-Mae Hague.

The cosmetic surgeon said: "Molly-Mae has an excellent waist to hip ratio. She’s a great example of where a good waist makes a good bottom."

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