Madonna's dedicated fanbase was left speechless after the hitmaker shared a rare tribute post for her adopted son David.

The Like A Prayer singer's 16.6 million followers were astounded to learn that David had only just turned age 16.

"I can't believe he's only 16," gasped one online user.

"Damn the kid's big," exclaimed another.

A third added: "I can't believe he's only 16. Madonna's best work are her children. Especially him."

While a fourth beamed: "After having the opportunity to meet your sons this week, I just want to say that you should be proud of yourself – your sons have grown into young men full of light."

The strapping young lad and his iconic mum appeared to share a bond like no other in the adorable unearthed photos.

In one snap, Madonna loving wrapped her arm around David's waist while he placed his over her shoulder.

It seemed birthday preparations were in full swing, with dozens of colourful balloons being sprawled across the garden.

In the montage of pictures, Madonna looked youthful as ever with her platinum locks looking sleek in braids.

David was certainly dressed for the occasion – wearing a blue blazer jacket, a white buttoned-up and crisply ironed shirt, along with a smart red tie.

Captioning the special moment, the chart-topper penned: "Sweet 16 in our New Back Yard. So much to be grateful for."

Meanwhile, Madonna recently reflected on David's journey, including his heartbreaking living conditions before the pop-legend adopted him.

The Vogue star explained that her son had no nappy and had been drinking "coke out of a baby bottle" before she swooped in and took him under her wing.

Sharing a compilation of images, she penned: "David Banda!! I cannot believe you have grown into This Young Man! This Artist. This Athlete. This Articulate and Charismatic Human.

"Who knew when I met you at Home of Hope Orphanage in Malawi, drinking coke out of a baby bottle and wearing no diaper that you would become this force of nature?."

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