Many of the Tiger King cast have gone on to face tragedy after the show

Tiger King is back with a roar as season two celebrates its release on Netflix.

Series one was a was a huge hit, catching 34 million viewers in the United States in just the first ten days.

The cast grew into international celebrities overnight, becoming memes in their own right.

Who knew that the world of tiger zoos would be so explosive?

But since the show finished, fans have been left wondering — what had happened to the likes of Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin?

As the new season hits screens, we explore where the cast are now…

Where is Joe Exotic now?

The end of season one saw Joe being sentenced to jail.

Joe is now serving a 17-year sentence for animal abuse and a murder for hire plot in FMC Fort Worth.

It is reported that his legal team were so confident of a pardon from the President Donald Trump that they hired a limousine to wait outside of the prison.

Joe is now suffering with prostate cancer.

He said: "My body is tired, I have lost a tremendous amount of weight, the mouth sores are out of control, I throw up more than I eat."

He is now seeking a pardon from President Joe Biden.

What happened to Carole Baskin after Tiger King?

The eccentric Baskin was Joe's sworn enemy.

In what became a bizarre story, Joe accused Carole of murdering her missing husband and feeding him to her tigers, while Carole campaigned for Joe's zoo to be shut down.

She was eventually handed over Joe's zoo and has since become a massive celeb, appearing on shows like Dancing With The Stars.

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She was reportedly disappointed with the outcome of the documentary and said: "There are not words for how disappointing it is to see that the docuseries […] had the sole goal of being as salacious and sensational as possible to draw viewers."

Baskin is believed to be in the process of seeking legal action against Netflix.

Where are Dillon Passage and John Finlay?

Dillon married Joe in 2017, providing comfort after the tragic death of Joe's former partner Travis who died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Dillon, who married Joe when he was just 22, stuck by the zookeeper, but later revealed that their time apart caused their relationship to come to an end.

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He tweeted: "Joe and I are seeking a divorce. In November of 2017 I met Joe who was there for me during a difficult time in my life.

"After just 9 short months he was arrested and, for the last two and a half years, we have been apart. I’ve always stood by his side and will continue to always love and support him."

Another of Exotic's partners, John Finlay, married Joe in a 'fake' three way wedding with Joe and Travis in 2014.

He has since remarried his 'rock' Stormey Sanders and insists it is the first time he has been legally married.

What happened to Erik Cowie?

Erik was head keeper at the zoo for five years and testified against Joe at his trial.

He was found dead in his apartment in Brooklyn in September 2021.

His cause of death was ruled to be "acute and chronic alcohol use".

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Cowie alleged that he had been instructed to put down several tigers by Joe and that this was something that played heavily on his mind.

"I think about it a lot — a lot of times when we put cats down, they used me because just my appearance or my voice [meant] I could get a cat up the side of the cage where we can dart it and tranquilise it."

"Those cats trusted me up until the end. Sometimes, I swear they’re like, "Dude you let me down"."

What happened to Tiger King's Doc Antle?

The South Carolina zoo owner Doc Antle was indicted in Virginia on 15 charges that include wildlife trafficking and animal cruelty.

On 8th October 2021 Mahamayavi Bhagavan Antle was charged with one count of wildlife trafficking.

He was charged one count of conspiracy to traffic wildlife, four misdemeanour counts of conspiracy to violate the Endangered Species Act, and nine misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty.

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The charges relate to activity with lions.

It is illegal to sell lions across state lines.

"I categorically deny any act or conduct that could ever be considered as 'animal cruelty,'" Mr. Antle said in a statement. "I have spent my entire professional life promoting the welfare and conservation of big cats and other species."

Where is Jeff Lowe now?

Lowe took over the zoo upon Exotic's departure.

Since then, he lost his licence to hold exotic animals in August 2020 — and a judge ordered Lowe and his wife to stop breeding animals.

They were made to give up their collection of animals, which included porcupines, camels, lemurs, bobcats, ferrets, raccoons, and foxes.

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