Mountain Goats Drop Title Track From New Album 'Dark in Here'

Ahead of the release of the Mountain Goats’ latest album Dark in Here, the band has shared the title track from their upcoming LP.

“Dark in Here,” recorded at legendary Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, finds frontman John Darnielle spinning a Spaghetti Western-inspired revenge fantasy.

“You who stood so proud once/I can taste your fear/You blazed like torches/It’s dark in here,” Darnielle sings on the track. “It’s dark as a coal mine filling up with gas/I stand ready for the blast.”

Dark in Here arrives June 25th via Merge. The Mountain Goats previously shared “The Slow Parts on Death Metal Albums” and “Mobile” from the album, which the band recorded in March 2020, on the precipice of the Covid-19 pandemic. “If you’re looking for a governing theme here, it’s calamity, as all the songs are either anticipating one or reflecting one that’s already happened,” Darnielle writes in the album’s liner notes. The group will also embark on a tour in support of the LP in August.

In 2020, the Mountain Goats released a pair of new albums, Getting Into Knives and the impromptu Songs for Pierre Chuvin, which Darnielle wrote and recorded in 10 days and released to help the Mountain Goats’ touring crew make up some of the income they lost when their tour was canceled due to Covid-19.

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