Movie set disasters – tragic deaths, life-changing injuries and ‘biggest regret’
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    Actor Rory Kinnear is calling for improved safety on movie sets – 30 years after his father was killed in an accident.

    Roy Kinnear died after being thrown from a horse while filming The Return of the Musketeers in 1988 when Rory was just 10 years old.

    The star, who has appeared in the recent Bond films as well as Black Mirror, said: "Thirty years later, things simply haven’t changed."

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    Rory was speaking out two years after the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and in the wake of Top Gear being taken off air following Freddie Flintoff’s injury. Here Daily Star looks at 10 shocking accidents on film sets.

    The Crow

    In 2021, Halyna Hutchins was killed by a live bullet fired from a prop gun being used by actor Alec Baldwin on the set of the film Rust. But actor Brandon Lee died in similar circumstances while making The Crow in 1993. Due to a mix-up, a prop gun was wrongly prepared with a dummy bullet for a scene where the star’s character is shot in the stomach from just a few feet away.


    Up to 100 cast and crew were attacked by wild, untrained, animals during the filming of this 1981 movie. It followed two wildlife conservationists and starred Noel Marshall, Tippi Hedren and her daughter Melanie Griffith. Marshall almost lost an arm when he was bitten by a lion. Hedren fractured her ankle and contracted gangrene after being picked up in an elephant’s trunk while Griffith quit after being attacked by a lioness, almost losing an eye and needing 50 stitches. A crew member was scalped, while another almost lost an ear.

    Top Gun

    Seasoned stunt pilot and aerial cameraman Art Scholl was killed in a plane crash during the filming of Top Gun in 1985. After losing control of the aircraft following an inverted spin, Scholl plummeted into the Pacific Ocean, losing contact with the film’s ground crew. Both his body and the plane were never recovered.

    Kill Bill

    In 2018, Quentin Tarantino apologised after Uma Thurman accused him of bullying her into driving an unsafe car on this 2003 film, saying it was “the biggest regret of my life”. The car crashed after it was decided to drive it in a different, untested, direction, crushing Thurman’s knees and leaving her with concussion.

    Twilight Zone: The Movie

    A helicopter crash killed actor Vic Morrow as well as two children aged six and seven in a scene involving explosions which damaged the aircraft’s rotors. Six more people were injured. The production team was later found responsible for several labour violations, prompting the introduction of new safety standards.

    Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

    Crew member Ricardo Cornelius was crushed to death by a Hummer vehicle while stuntwoman Olivia Jackson was severely injured. She spent 17 days in a coma and had to have her left arm amputated after crashing into a metal camera during a high-speed motorcycle stunt. She also suffered brain swelling, punctured lungs and a severed neck artery on the 2015 movie.

    Maze Runner: The Death Cure

    The 2018 dystopian film’s star Dylan O’Brien almost quit acting after the motorcycle he was driving fell into a slide and left him with a concussion, brain trauma and a facial fracture. He underwent facial surgery and admits he still has a “degree of anxiety” when it comes to action scenes.

    The Force Awakens

    Harrison Ford, then 71, had to have surgery on a broken leg after being struck by a heavy hydraulic metal door on the set of the 2014 Star Wars flick. Director J. J. Abrams also injured his back while helping lift the door off Ford’s leg.

    The Passion of the Christ

    Playing Jesus in this controversial 2004 drama left actor Jim Caviezel with a 14-inch scar to his back from multiple whippings, hypothermia, and a dislocated shoulder from carrying a giant cross. He was also struck by lightning while filming the Sermon on the Mount Scene as was a crew member – twice.

    Vampire in Brooklyn

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    The 1995 Eddie Murphy film became a real horror when stuntwoman Sonja Davis was killed. She hit her head making a 47ft backwards jump from a building for a scene. Friends said she’d refused the job initially, but then accepted after being offered more money.

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