My Strange Addiction star sniffs canned tuna and uses fish juice as cologne
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    One My Strange Addiction star has left fans totally baffled after admitting that he loves the smell of tuna and regularly drinks juice from the can.

    Tyler appeared on the TLC show to talk about his bizarre obsession and admitted that he can get through a whopping 15 cans in just one week, which equates to just over two cans a day.

    Viewers were first introduced to the 30-year-old from Kansas, who admitted that he lives in the middle of nowhere and he finds life “very boring”.

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    In the next clip, Tyler could be seen sat in a coffee shop sniffing a can of tuna before he told the camera his nickname is “Tuna Tyler”.

    Although he “knows it may look weird to other people,” with Kansas native thinks his habit is “perfectly fine”.

    In more clips, Tyler sniffed and sipped the can as he explained he “loves the fishy, light aroma with a little bit of sweetness and the texture”.

    Tyler then proudly showed off his tuna collection as he explained which types of fish he prefers the most.

    The official TLC Instagram account uploaded a video of Tyler on a date as he showed a woman his can of tuna, which he “always keeps on him”.

    While she was talking, Tyler then proceeded eat the tuna with his fingers and when his date admitted he “smelled like fish when he came in,” he admitted to “wiping a little bit on his neck”.

    In the caption, TLC joked that his tuna fixation was “more of a fourth or fifth date confession”.

    Fans flocked to the comment section to share their thoughts on the very unusual obsession.

    One typed: “He should list that on his dating profile so that he doesn’t waste anyone’s time.”

    Another joked that they would “never complain about their dates ever again” while someone else chimed in that they thought the scene “had to be a joke”.

    One follower added: “Her facial expressions were priceless and she [definitely] stayed longer than I would have [laughing emojis].”

    However, another TLC viewer jumped in to defend the reality television star.

    They wrote: “This shouldn’t be a big deal. There are worse addictions.”

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