Piers Morgan angers fans with ‘tone-deaf’ tribute to Larry King after feud

Piers Morgan has angered fans with his tribute to American TV personality Larry King.

The Good Morning Britain presenter took to his official Twitter account hours after Larry's media company, Ora Media, announced that he had died at the age of 87 following his battle against coronavirus after he contracted the deadly disease.

Taking to his account, Piers shared a photo of Larry with his 7.7million followers as he paid tribute to the star most famed for hosting his namesake The Larry King Show and Larry King Live.

Piers shared two tweets, in the first it contained a professional picture of Larry with his birth date next to the year he died, 1933 – 2021.

Alongside it, Piers tweeted: "RIP Larry King, 87. A television legend."

He then took to his account to share another tweet where he appeared to subtly diss Larry for marrying eight times and brought up their feud.

Alongside a photo of them smiling next to each other back when they worked together at CNN, Piers caused uproar.

The outspoken star didn't hold back even in his tribute.

Piers tweeted: "Larry King was a hero of mine until we fell out after I replaced him at CNN and he said my show was 'like watching your mother-in-law go over a cliff in your new Bentley' (He married 8 times so a mother-in-law expert) But he was a brilliant broadcaster & masterful TV interviewer."

His followers hit back instantly as they dubbed it 'tone deaf' and 'making his death all about him'.

YouTuber Karissa Pukas hit back: "How do you seem to make everything about you always?

"Jesus Christ your ego takes up all the air in every room."

Another fan created a meme which read: "'Who are you, again?': Piers Morgan scorched for tone-deaf tribute to Larry King."

Mark Dice replied: "You really did suck. Glad you left America," before announcing that Piers has since blocked him on Twitter.

However, some fans rushed to defend Piers.

One tweeted: "Actually pretty refreshing tweet, paid tribute and was truthful about your personal relationship with him. More genuine then just glossing over your history with him."

Another commented: "This is honest and you still found a way to keep it respectful. I appreciate it. Hate phony stuff."

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