Power of the Dog stars slam animal welfare misconduct claims after BAFTA win

The Power of the Dog had great successes during BAFTA night, however, the film's producers were quick to shut down any animal misconduct rumours.

During an exclusive chat with the Daily Star in the winners' room conference, the movie's producer Tanya Seghatchian defended her work after brutal PETA claims.

In December 2021, the animal rights group took to Twitter to stand against the movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

The organisation did so on the grounds that the actor allegedly castrated a real bull and agitated a horse during filming.

When asked about the claims, producer Tanya slammed the animal rights group's accusations and told the Daily Star that no animals had been mistreated on the movie's set.

She said: "There were no animals harmed in any way on our movie. Jane and I were particularly sure to make sure they were fully respected.

"We had supervision all of the way with the American Film Association so they shouldn’t be concerned."

Late last year, PETA tweeted: "Clearly upset & frightened—the horse is NOT “acting.” #BenedictCumberbatch was quoted saying “I did everything you see in the film” – he apparently learned to castrate bulls.

"Audiences should SKIP @TPOTD on #Netflix in favor of productions that don’t exploit animals."

After seeing this, others took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the matter.

One shared: "I had no idea. Got about half an hour into the film and saw the actor abusing a horse, hitting it in the face over and over with a thick shirt and causing it to stumble. I turned it off. Disgusting."

A second added: "Me too! I googled ahead thank goodness…so I didn’t get to the bull. Turned off after the horse."

While a third penned: "I will not be watching. Makes me want to cancel my Netflix tbh"

However, a fourth typed: "@peta knows shit about how movies are made…"

"It's fake," wrote another, jumping to the film's defence.

According to reports, Benedict Cumberbatch had learned how to castrate bulls in preparation for his role as a cowboy Phil Burbank.

The actor, 45, played the volatile ranch owner Phil Burbank and spent two weeks learning the tricks of the trade on a ranch with a 'real' Montana cowboy called Randy Rieman.

Randy told The Times: "He was a really great sport. He was clearly quite intimidated because it was so far removed from his normal environment. But he was brave and he was game. He was just as bloody and dirty as the rest of us by the end."

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