Rapper Ketchy The Great dies in car accident

Rapper Ketchy The Great – real name Jameon Davis – has died, it has been confirmed.

News of the rapper’s death emerged on Tuesday morning and he was said to have been involved in a car accident.

Ketchy’s management reportedly confirmed his death to Pitchfork.

Paying tribute to the Los Angeles-based rapper, Biz Markie tweeted: ‘RIP Ketchy the Great.

‘One of the brightest LA talents of the last five years: a ball of 1000 watt voltage with a razor blade growl, who never failed to steal a track — whose promise was first undercut by the DA plot to persecute the Stinc Team, & now this. An unspeakable loss.’

His close friend Drakeo the Ruler wanted to dispel rumours about how Ketchy died and said during an Instagram live: ‘Don’t make it seem like…c’mon, bro. You know how these n***** gon’ get.

‘It’s on the news. It’s on the s**t. N***a got hit by a car… You know they finna start, though.’


Drakeo later reposted Ketchy’s last Instagram post, with the caption: ‘Long live Ketchy The Great ima turn up for you for you all year!!’

Beautiful Girls singer Sean Kingston also commented under Ketchy’s final Instagram photo: ‘Damn g please tell me this s**t fake news smh ??‍♂️?? R.i.p.’

Ricky P, another friend of the rapper, said: ‘RIP Ketchy, damn I ain’t know last night was the last.’

Ketchy was best known for being a member of the rap group Stinc Team alongside Drakeo. He also released solo music including the 2017 song If I Go Broke and the 2019 solo mixtape Free Sauce.

In 2018, Ketchy was reportedly arrested for spray painting in the music video for his single The Right Decision featuring Ralphy the Plug.

Stinc Team were allegedly labelled a ‘gang’ by the Los Angeles County District Attorney so Ketchy was therefore charged with vandalism with a gang enhancement and witness intimidation with gang enhancement.

Ketchy served 10 months in prison.

Days before his death, the rapper released his new song with Drakeo titled For Real.

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