Saira Khan ‘saddened’ by death threats after announcing she’s no longer Muslim

Loose Women star Saira Khan, 50, recently announced she has decided not to practise Islam anymore, but unfortunately the former panellist’s choice prompted a series of death threats from angry people.

The mum-of-two shared a painful post in her Instagram stories laying out what’s happened and how she will be proceeding after the alarming messages.

"Due to the abuse and threats I have received,” Saira began, "I have reported this matter to the police as it is regarded as hate crime.

"I am utterly saddened that my decision to live my life how I choose should resort to other's wanting to cause me harm."

The Apprentice star went on to ask her followers: "How does my life choice impact theirs?"

It came after Saira shared a puzzling post on her Instagram talking about "tolerating" people, during which time she facing awful threats from complete strangers.

Saira decided to share her decision to stop practising the Islam religion publicly because she was continuing to receive horrific messages from trolls berating her for how she lived her life.

Speaking to The Mirror this month she explained: "This week I received a disgusting message from a troll, which made me think it's high time I came out of the closet to proclaim that I am not a practising muslim.

"It has taken me till the age of 50 to find the courage to say it. I'm doing it now for my own wellbeing.

"I want to be honest and feel free to live life by my own rules," Saira went on. "I feel that by saying this as a public figure, I will no longer inadvertently confuse or unintentionally hurt others of the Muslim faith.

The TV personality added that she wants to be clear she doesn’t represent any Muslim communities.

The former Loose Women star also told the publication that her name and background often prompts people to make misguided assumptions about her faith and her lifestyle, so she thought it was time to be clear.

It was only last month that the Loose Women star decided it was time to leave her permanent role as a panellist on the lunchtime talk show, gradually giving more details about her unexpected exit.

She divulged: "There were elements both on screen and behind the scenes of being a Loose Woman that towards the end I didn't enjoy and I didn't feel it was part of the sisterhood.”

“It wasn't making me happy, so I had to bow out, look after my mental health and give someone else my platform,” Saira added to Hello! Magazine.

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